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You have observed through the public press that in the face of all the great depression, suffering and distress now upon the world all nations are preparing for another war. You owe it to yourself and family to know the reason for the approaching conflict and how you may take the necessary steps to safeguard your own interests. The public press does not give you that desired information, but I have here some books that will greatly enlighten you. These show why the world is in distress, why a mighty conflict upon the nations is near, what will be the result, and what will follow thereafter. Only Jehovah God could foreknow and foretell these truths. The books set out the Scriptural proof and the proof of fulfilment, making the whole matter clearly to be understood by everyone. These books contain the real gospel of God’s provision for the world. You can afford to make any reasonable sacrifice to get this information. Would you like to aid others to obtain this needed knowledge? If so, you may have any four of these books and by contributing one dollar you will be doing good to yourself and also to your neighbor. Or, if you wish to contribute twenty-five cents, you may choose any one of the books.

Harp h Light Book 1 lt-1

Deliverance d Light Book 2 lt-2

Creation c Vindication Book 1 v-1

Reconciliation r Vindication Book 2 v-2

Government go Vindication Book 3 v-3

Life li Preservation pr

Prophecy p Preparation pp

25c each; 4 for $1.00; all 14 for $3.50

Intolerance in Good News nw

Dividing the People dv Liberty lb

Escape to the Kingdom sk The Final War fw

The Crisis cs What You Need nd

Kingdom Hope of World kw Health and Life le

Who Is God? gd Home and Happiness ho

What Is Truth? tu Keys of Heaven ke

Cause of Death de Where Are the Dead? wd

Hereafter af Heaven and Purgatory he

5c each; 6 for 25c