Songbook 1928

Song 285: Armageddon

[in the upper left corner] Mary C. Jewell.
[in the upper right corner] Jessie G. Herr.[1]
Alt. 86, 260.



The sun and moon are darkened,
The ocean depths are stirred,
The everlasting mountains
Are scattered at God's word.
The nations, rent asunder,
Do not of him inquire;
He stands the earth to measure
In flaming judgement fire.


Hark! all ye sons of Zion,
God uttereth his voice!
While tribes of earth are mourning,
'Tis giv'n you to rejoice.
The forces led by Satan
Defy the God of heav'n;
Yet unto Christ on Zion
The Kingdom has been giv'n.


With Truth's fair banner waving
March forth to meet the foe!
The Lord will fight the battle;
Sing ye, but strike no blow!
O sound the trumpet loudly;
Obey your King's command;
Deliverence is promised
To Gideon's faithful band.