Greetings in the name of him we love! Thanks for your loving letter. Have recently returned from another pilgrim tour. This time I visited one of the largest work-centres where about 110 of our brethren who are conscientious objectors to military service are confined. Though they are subjected to many indignities, experience much physical discomfort, and their liberty is restrained, you will be glad to know that they, one and all, glory in the privilege of suffering for righteousness' sake. Their joy in the Lord is grand to see. They spend much of their leisure time in united study, and embrace every opportunity to present the truth to their com-panions in affliction who belong to other religious bodies. The Lord has blessed their efforts, and some have been brought to a knowledge of the truth there, while several are now reading the volumes. Their favorite hymn is 179-"My life on in endless song," and it is indeed a great treat to hear their hearty singing.

I wish specially to thank you for HARVEST SIFTINGS No. II. It clears up some matters which were difficult to understand, and the spirit in which it is written should do much to comfort the brethren. The Glasgow church is loyal to you as their counsellor, and surely you have my own personal love. I greatly admire your devotion and self-sacrifice, as well as the gentleness, yet firmness, with which you set forth your position. It is my strong conviction that you have acted as the Lord would have you do.

Your brother by his grace,

<right>ALEX TAIT,-Scotland.</right>