During the past year the work amongst the Japanese on the Pacific Coast, Hawaii and other places, as well as in Japan, has progressed in a very satisfactory manner. Brother Akashi was sent by the SOCIETY to Hawaii and then to Japan. He remained in Hawaii several months, and during that time a class of fifteen fully consecrated Japanese was organized; and these are now participating actively in the spreading of the gospel amongst the Japanese in the Hawaiian Islands. This Hawaiian Japanese class now has two Berean studies in the HARP each week, on Sunday and Friday, and a testimony meeting every Wednesday evening. One of these Japanese brethren who has but recently come into the Truth sold 13 books in one hour, while a Japanese sister sold about the same number in an hour and a half. A Japanese director has been appointed for the work in Hawaii.

After the Japanese work in Hawaii was organized, Brother Akashi then proceeded to Japan. He is now in Tokio with a stock of THE HARP, STANDARD FOR THE PEOPLE, and a number of other booklets, and is now also making mats for the printing of the DELIVERANCE book in Japanese. From there he goes to Kobe, where there is a class of Japanese Bible Students. In his report Brother Akashi says:

The Japanese people are very hungry for the good news. They are struggling to get their daily bread, and many commit suicide because it is so hard to live. My privileges are great to carry them the message of comfort, and I am glad to remember that the battle Is not ours but the Lord's.